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Meet The Team


Chad Jackson

Herbert Blanco


I fell in love with the game of disc golf 9 years ago.  I've taught my Fiance and all my children how to play.   Now we play all the time all 7 of us.   I love the challenges each round brings.  As no 2 rounds are ever the same, because of the elements of mother nature. The edge the game brings out of me, is one of the reasons I keep coming back to the chains.  I love the brother and sisterhood the sport entails as a part of the competitive lifestyle.  Along with the ppl I've met along the way. Some are like family, and others are great competitors to mingle with.  I have 43 Aces, My best/highest rated round recorded to date, during a sanctioned MPO tournament was a 998 only 2 & 1/2 years into playing the sport.    You can say I fell in love pretty hard and fast and practiced almost 24/7 at one point.   I've had a few unfortunate injuries in the past few years, that pulled me away from physical activities. Torn my bicep while playing, and most a recent neck surgery.   I'm slowly recovering and plan on making a comeback to the sport.  This time when I'm ready to compete.  I plan to travel the USA, compete and give my all to the game Disc Golf and the community.  Even more than I have already done.   I've helped raise funds for a few local courses, and had hands on experience with Designing a small local course.  Disc golf saved my life!!!  So the least I can do is Respect the game, be apart of the global movement. And pass this sport on to the next generation, as the sky is the limit!  

Favorite Discs: Prodigy D4, Prodigy M2, Prodigy Pa-1.  

Hey guys my name is Chad Jackson. A couple of my buddies got me in to playing disc golf and from there I haven’t stopped trying to improve my game. I love everything about the sport and am going to continue to push my limits. Thank you to everybody that has been a big help to my game! You know who you are.


Favorite Discs: D3, M4, 300 glow PA3



Stewart Martin

Began playing over the 😷.. Immediately hooked. Met some great people and love to share laughs and talk smack (and a little gambling) on the course. 

Favorite Discs: Saint, Reactor, Jackrabbit


Jeremiah Neuwirth

It all started about 20 years ago, I was with a group of friends looking for something to pass the time. So we went disc golfing, and I was hooked. The joy of being outside with a group of friends playing this great game. Over the years, I played as much as I could. By the end of 2021, I played my first tournament. Whole new world for me. It gave me more to appreciate with the sport. So I ran with it. Over the next year, I convinced Alpine Valley Resort to build a course that I helped design with Chuck Kennedy. We opened the course on May 22, 2023. I started a weekly league and ran 2 C-Tier sanctioned tournaments with many more to come. I am currently in the process of opening a winter course at Alpine Valley Resort as well in the next coming weeks. All in all, disc golf has brought some of the best times and memories I have had.

Favorite Discs: Innova Beast,Jay,Rhyno


Kevin Smetana

A little about myself. I'm 38 father of 5. I live a busy life full-time student and also work full time. I run a bag tag league with about 8 people right now in. 2022 places 2nd in Wisconsin tour in ma4. 2023 I got 2 wins and also moved up to MA3 at end of the year. I look forward to playing more courses this up coming year and more out of state tournaments.

Favorite Discs: DD3 old school. Reactor. Koi


Jason Schindler


I have been disc golfing competitively since 2012. Started out playing casually with friends in the early 2000's in Madison,WI. I try to play as many tournaments as I can in a season while juggling a family and job. I love introducing new players to this amazing sport. I'm very proud of how many people I have gotten involved in disc golf. Love Growing the Sport 

Favorite Discs: Discraft Flick,Buzz,Fierce

Tyler Kollias

Been playing disc golf since 2011. Love playing tournaments and helping others with their form. I also enjoy traveling to different events around the Midwest.My goal is to get above 950 and attend another am worlds event.

Favorite Discs: Driver- DD Raider. Mid-Lat 64 Fuse

Shelby Dowling

I fell back in love with the sport in December 2020. Since then I have been head over heels in love with the sport. It’s all I think about. I have started a small club in my town Hilton Head island, SC. I have brought back to life the sport to some, and introduced the sport to many. I run local leagues, putting leagues, and weekly events. I am passionate to the core about the sport.  I worked for the DGPT for 3 months and absolutely loved it, but I felt I needed to go back and continue to grow the sport and the awareness in my area from the grassroots level, while keeping connections I met along the way. I have a disc golf brand, Beat Disc Golf, and love designing and creating content that meshes with my life interests and my passion, disc golf. I am good friends with, admire, and respect our team founder Valerie Williams. She is an amazing person in all aspects, and has done a great deal for her community and anyone that she meets. I’m proud to be a member of Wicked Aces Disc Golf.

Keep bangin them chains!


Favorite Discs: Sword, Mustang, Inner Core


Brandon Beat


Lloyd Sawyer

I actually discovered disc golf, while riding my mountain bike at Chehaw Park. A basket was close to the trail, as I went by it I wondered what it was. Next time I rode I saw someone putting at the basket, I thought so that is disc golf. Mentioned it to my wife, and that Christmas she gave me an Innova starter set. And the addiction began.
I have been a PDGA member since 2015, and an official since 2021
I play approximately 12 tournaments a year
I am tournament director for the Josh Franklin Memorial DGT, a B/C tier tournament here in Albany

Favorite Discs: Infinite Maya, Latitude 64 Core, Latitude 64 Zero Medium pure

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